Born and raised in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and fostered in Los Angeles, California, Zac Chia is a writer / director with a deep passion for visual storytelling and telling meticulously crafted stories that put his characters, and more importantly, his audience members on emotional roller coaster rides.


After getting his degree in film & tv production and screenwriting at Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, Zac started his career off first as a camera assistant and worked his way up to the role of a camera and gimbal operator. Some of Zac's notable work as a camera/gimbal operator include 'Anderson Falls' - a feature film starring Gary Cole (Veep, Unbroken: Path to Redemption, Chicago Fire) and Shawn Ashmore (X-Men Series); 'The Four', a hit singing competition reality TV show on Fox; 'Cupid’s Match', a TV show for the CWSeed, etc. He also served as the cinematographer for 'L.A. Liquor' - a short that has 7 film festival official selections under its name, and BODYTRAFFIC's Dance Tour promo.


As a camera and gimbal operator, Zac spent many hours in the frontlines of film production, and he has gained invaluable experience and knowledge from these Hollywood directors by watching how they work up close, and by learning and getting advice from them off set, usually over a meal or a coffee.


Zac’s background in cinematography can be seen in his directing work in his use of dynamic and fluid camera movement, unique camera and editing techniques, and the use of color and contrast. He also has an incredibly vivid imagination, and although that means that he spent most of his days in school wandering off in his own mind, he’s now learned to use it to create worlds for his audiences to immerse themselves in. 

Zac kickstarted his directing career by pioneering content and laying the groundwork for the inaugural season of OVERWATCH LEAGUE - an Esports league by Blizzard Entertainment - as segment director, where his work has been shown on an international platform, most notably in the U.S., China, and Europe.


Also an adept storyteller, Zac has a couple of award-winning short films under his belt, most recently ‘Saptapadi’, which he was awarded with Diamond Awards for both ‘Best Directing in Short Films’ and ‘Director of the Year’ categories at the 2019 Directors Awards in Jakarta.


Venturing into commercial directing, Zac aims to bring his expertise in narrative filmmaking, along with his ability to craft visual and aural experiences into commercial filmmaking. He recently directed Razer’s “HyperSense” commercial, and Nanowhite Men’s “Go Oil Out” commercial. His other commercial work include ‘The Deadline Rush’ spot for AT&T and ‘Feel the Hype’ spot for LMU Athletics in LA.



Saptapadi (short film)

Directors Awards 2019 (Jakarta) – Diamond Award for ‘Director of the Year’ & ‘Best Directing in Short Films’

Asian Film Festival of Dallas 2018 (USA) – Official Selection

Seattle Asian American Film Festival 2018 (USA) – Official Selection

LA Shorts Awards 2017 – Winner of Best Romance Category


Room 205 (short film)

Kuala Lumpur Independent Film Festival 2017 – Official Selection

Atlanta Horror Film Festival 2016 – Winner of Best Action Short

Jumpfest Snowmanfilms Film Festival 2016 – Winner of Best Film & Best Cinematography categories

Hong Kong National Film Festival – Semi-finalist for Best Short Film Category

出生于马来西亚吉隆坡,在大马土生土长的谢政对电影行业充满热爱和抱负,为了加强自己对电影的专业知识, 远赴美国洛杉矶Loyola Marymount University深造,获得电影电视制作(Film and TV production)和编剧(Screen Writing)双学士荣誉学位。


大学毕业后,他先以担任摄像助理为出发点,从电影制作前线工作中吸取实际经验。累积了一些经验,他也就随着企业阶梯爬上了相机操作员和Gimbal 操作技术师的岗位。著名公司Fox的大型歌唱真人秀《The Four Collaboration》;菩名网络视频CW Seed的网剧《Cupid’s Match》;电影《Anderson Falls》- 由Gary Cole (曾出演《Veep》,《Unbroken: Path to Redemption》,《Chicago Fire》) 和Shawn Ashmore(曾出演《X战警 X-Men》电影系列)主演的电影,都是由他操作相机与Gimbal的。他也曾经为美国著名舞蹈团BODYTRAFFIC 之2018美国舞蹈巡演拍摄推广影片。他担任摄影师的作品还包括曾入围七个影展的短片《L.A. Liquor》。在担任电影摄影师和Gimbal 操作技术师期间,无论是从近距离实践合作过程中获得经验,还是从与这些好莱坞导演们共餐闲聊中吸取珍贵经验谈,他从这些资深电影人身上学到了很多宝贵的知识和技能。


谢政的电影摄影师和Gimbal 操作技术师的厚底子完全展现于他的執导制作中。在他的电影里,观众完全可以感受到稳定流畅的动感镜头,故事视觉化的摄影角度,以及他对颜色搭配对比和剪接效果的敏感度。此外,年少时就爱幻想和发白日梦的他终于可以把他天马行空的想象力和创意力发挥到他的电影制作中,带领他的知音观众融入他的电影世界里。


谢政得到美商暴雪娱乐(Blizzard Entertainment)的垂青,为电竞《守望先鋒联赛The Overwatch League》执导官方视频,分别在欧美及亚洲11个城市播放。执导工作,也开启了他的导演生涯。


谢政执导的数部短片先后在美国不同的影展中入围和获奖。他执导的《Saptapadi》入围西雅图亚洲美国电影展 (Seattle Asian American Film Festival), 之后更在2019耶加达影展中获得最佳短片导演钻石奖和最佳导演钻石奖。 


今年,谢政接受新挑战进军商业广告导演领域,旨在创作一些富有故事性和视听感官享受的广告作品。今年完成的广告作品包括雷蛇RAZER《超感Hypersense》电子遊戏设置的广告和Nanowhite男士洗脸霜《去油Go Oil Out》的广告。其他广告作品也包括了美国AT&T的《Deadline Rush》和美国LMU的《Feel the Hype》体育广告。





Saptapadi (短片)

2019耶加达导演奖 Directors Awards 2019 (Jakarta)

  • 最佳导演钻石奖Diamond Award for ‘Director of the Year’

  • 最佳短片导演钻石奖Best Directing in Short Films

入围2018 美国达拉斯亚洲电影节

Asian Film Festival of Dallas 2018 (USA) – Official Selection



Seattle Asian American Film Festival 2018 (USA) – Official Selection


2017美国洛杉矶短片奖LA Shorts Awards 2017

  • 最佳浪漫爱情短片– Winner of Best Romance Category


Room 205 (短片)


Kuala Lumpur Independent Film Festival 2017 – Official Selection


2016美国亚特兰大恐怖电影展Atlanta Horror Film Festival 2016

  • 最佳动作短片Winner of Best Action Short


2016Jumpfest雪人电影展Jumpfest Snowmanfilms Film Festival 2016

  • 最佳影片Winner of Best Film

  • 最佳摄影Winner of Best Cinematography


香港电影节Hong Kong National Film Festival

  • 最佳短片半决赛Semi-finalist for Best Short Film Category

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